Love Greater Than Faith (239AN)

Love Greater Than Faith
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"When you decide to embrace a religion or a spiritual philosophy and to put its principles into practice in your life, not only will you encounter difficulties with yourself because of the efforts requiered of you, but you will also have difficulties with others who will not necessarily understand how and why you have changed. Well, it is the way you handle these difficulties whiwh reveal the quality, the authenticity of your faith. You must not say, for example, "I'm going to change my life completely, and I don't care what the family thinks. That i not my problem." Oh but it is your problem, because your spiritual life will depend on how you resolve it. Try, as far as possible, not to make others suffer, and of course, you must not abandon them. Remember that love is always greater than faith."

1 - The uncertainties of modern man 2 - Destructive doubt : unification and bifurcation 3 - Constructive doubt 4 - "Your faith has made you well" 5 - Let it be done for you according to your appreciation 6 - Only your actions witness to our faith 7 - Never abandon your faith in good 8 - "Unless you become like children" 9 - "The greatest of these is love" 10 - Base your trust on vigilance 11 - "As I have loved you" 

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