Golden Rules for Everyday Life (227AN)

Golden Rules for Everyday Life
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 Nothing is more difficult than to put the spirit where it rightfully belongs in our lives: in first place. In fact, except in the case of a few great saints or mystics, the attempt to do so has usually ended in failure, discouragement and even mental breakdown. In his role as a spiritual teacher, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov takes care not to provoke any such rupture with the realities of life by showing us how everyday actions and events can be the foundation of a genuine spirituality. 

1. Life: our most precious possession 2. Let your material life be consistent with your spiritual life 3. Dedicate your life to a sublime goal 4. Our daily life: a matter that must be transformed by the spirit 5. Nutrition as Yoga 6. Respiration 7. How to recuperate energy 8. Love makes us tireless 9. Technical progress frees man for spiritual work 10. Furnishing your inner dwelling 11. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world 12. Make sure of a good future by the way you live today 13. Live in the fullness of the present 14. The importance of beginnings... etc.