The Key to the Problems of Existence (11AN)

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This book shows us that our 'personality', that inner force of which we are all aware and which so often leads us astray, can be a precious ally rather than an enemy. Instead of waging a losing battle against our lower nature, we can learn to control and use it to elevate ourselves. In doing so we gradually discover the existence of a higher psychic power within us, our 'individuality', which is above all contingencies and conflicts and is capable of using them to create inner harmony and true fraternal bonds.

1. The Personality 2. Jnana-yoga 3. Giving and Taking 4. Evil is Limited, Good is Limitless 5. Eternal Happiness 6. Fermentation 7. Which Life? 8. The Image of the Tree - The Individuality Must Consume The Personality 9. Working on the Personality 10. The Personality Keeps You from Reflecting the Sun 11. Identify with the Individuality 12. The True Meaning of Sacrifice 13. The Balance Restored 14. Render Therefore Unto Caesar 15. The New Philosophy 16. The Personality Devoured by The Individuality 17. Call On Your Allies 18. The Further Down, The Less Space 19. Your Inner Animals 20. But Which Nature? 21. Sexual Sublimation 22. Toward Universal Brotherhood. 

ISBN: 978-2-85566-313-5