Postal and freight:.


The prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and apply to sales in Norway. All prices include VAT. *)
Postal and freight in Norway:
Purchase pice:  Portage/freight:
0     - 130 NOK:    55 NOK 
131 - 1000 NOK:    73 NOK 
Over 1001 NOK:    90 NOK
The books in Norwegian and Danish can be ordered through most booksellers in Norway. Some booksellers are also helpful in obtaining the books in English. Prosveta Norden usually has all the books in Norwegian, Danish and English in stock. To order books in other languages, please refer to
Normal delivery time in Norway: 2-5 days.
Different postage rates from Norway to Sweden.
Different postage rates from Norway to Denmark.

*) Mva

Norway: - Books are exempt from VAT. All prices include VAT.

Sweden and Denmark: Not subject to VAT.