Love and Sexuality - Part 1 (14AN)

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‘Sexuality tends to be self-centred. It drives man to seek only his own pleasure, even to the detriment of others. Love, on the other hand, thinks of the other’s happiness above all else. It is based on self-denial and sacrifice: the sacrifice of one’s time, energy and money, even the sacrifice of one’s gratification, for the sake of helping the other, of allowing the other to blossom and develop his full potential. Nothing is more beautiful than love, when you are ready to do without, to give up what you have or what you enjoy. Spirituality begins precisely at the point where love prevails over sexuality, when a human being is willing to wrest something from himself for the sake of another. As long as you are incapable of sacrifice, you will be unable to love.’

1 - The Masculine and Feminine Principles - The Love of God, the Love of Others, Self Love 2 - Taking the Bull by the Horns - The Caduceus of Mercury 3 - The Serpent -Isis Unveiled 4 - The Power of the Dragon 5 - Spirit and Matter - The Sexual Organs 6 - Manifestations of the Masculine and Feminine Principles 7 - Jealousy 8 - The Twelve Doors of Man 9 - From Yesod to Kether: the Path of Sexual Sublimation 10 - The Spiritual Screen 11 - Nourishment and Love 12 - Woman's Role in the New Culture 13 - The Initiatic Meaning of Nudity 14 - Exchanges and Relationships 15 - Wealth and Poverty 16 - To Love is the Work of the Disciple 17 - Love in the Universe 18 - A Wider Concept of Marriage I 19 - The Twin-Soul 20 - Everything Depends on Your Point of View 21 - A Wider Concept of Marriage II and III 22 - Analysis and Synthesis 23 - Like the Sun, Love Brings Order to Life 24 - Mother Love 25 - The Meaning of Renunciation 26 - The Bonds of Love 27 - Youth and the Problem of Love - The New Currents - Marriage - Why Self-Control - The Need for a Guide - Give Your Love to God First