Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty (214AN)

Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty
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 There are two fundamental principles in the universe which are reflected in every single manifestation of nature and of life: they are the masculine and feminine principles. The whole of creation is the result of the concerted work of these two principles which are replicas of the two creative principles of the cosmos: the Heavenly Father and the Divine Mother, of which men and women are also the reflection. The two principles must work in conjunction: alone, each one is barren. Spiritual galvanoplasty is an application in the spiritual life of this science of the two principles."

1. What is Spiritual Galvanoplasty? 2. Reflections of the Two Principles 3. Marriages Made in Heaven 4. Love Freely Given 5. Love on the Lower Plane 6. Love on the Higher Plane 7. Love's Goal is Light 8. The Solar Nature of Sexual Energy 9. Mankind Transformed 10. The Original Experiment and the New One 11. Replenish the Earth! 12. Woman's place 13. The Cosmic Child