The Mysteries of Fire and Water (232AN)

The Mysteries of Fire and Water
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'Our psychic life is shaped and moulded every day by the forces and influences we allow to enter and impregnate us. This is why it is essential to have a store of lovely pictures that we can conjure up in our minds often, pictures that are with us day and night, so that our thoughts may be constantly in touch with all that is most elevated, pure and sacred. And what is more beautiful, more poetic or more full of meaning than water and fire, and the different forms in which they appear to us? You can fill your whole life with these pictures, and absorb them until they impregnate every cell of your body.'

1. The Two Principles of Creation, Water and Fire 2. The Secret of Combustion 3. Water, the Matrix of Life 4. Civilization, a Product of Water 5. The Living Chain of Sun, Earth and Water 6. A Blacksmith Works with Fire 7. Water is Born of Mountains 8. Physical and Spiritual Water 9. Feeding the Flame 10. The Essential Role of Fire 11. The Cycle of Water: Reincarnation 12. The Cycle of Water: Love and Wisdom 13. A Candle Flame 14. How to Light and Tend Fire 15. Water, the Universal Medium 16. The Magic Mirror 17. Trees of Light 18. The Coming of the Holy Spirit 19. A Treasury of Pictures.