The Yoga of Nutrition (204AN)

The Yoga of Nutrition
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This is not a dietary book. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov teaches that our attitude towards our food and the way we eat is far more important than what, or how much we eat. He replaces our ordinary ideas of everyday eating with the true mystical significance of nutrition. In this way we can learn to extract from our physical food all the subtle elements necessary for true health and fulfilment.

1.Eating: An Act which Concerns the Whole Man 2. Hrani-Yoga 3. Food: A Love-Letter from God 4. Choosing Your Food 5. Vegetarianism 6. The Ethics of Eating 7. Fasting: I - Meansof Purification. II - Another Form of Nutrition 8. Communion 9. The Meaning of the Blessing 10. The Spirit Transforms Matter 11. The Law of Symbiosis.